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(Positive) Digital Footprint

Page history last edited by TingLeditor@gmail.com 8 months, 2 weeks ago

This is a listing of most of my online arenas.




Professional Individual Blog = mondaymollymusings.blogspot.com

School Collective Blog (Junior Division) = macphailmavericks.blogspot.com (retired)

School Collective Blog (Primary / Early Junior Division) = macphailmeteors.blogspot.com (retired)

Personal Family Blog = (private to extended family only)

Family Gaming Blog = familygamingxp.blogspot.com

Tinlids "Great Graphic Wednesdays" Blog Contributor = https://www.tinlids.ca/blog/author/Diana%20Maliszewski.aspx 




Past School Wiki (Intermediate Division) = macphailvirtualcommons.pbworks.com  macphailvirtualcommons2011.pbworks.com  macphailvirtualcommons2012.pbworks.com macphailvirtualcommons2013.pbworks.com (retired)

Past Library Camp OTF Wiki = campotflibrary.pbworks.com (retired)

Past OSLA Task Force Wiki = oslatasks.pbworks.com (retired)

Past OSLA Council Wiki = oslacouncil.pbworks.com (retired)

Gaming Educators Wiki = www.gamingeducators.org (migrated to www.gamingedus.org but go there for Minecraft Teacher Journal)

Minecraft Multi-School Collaborative Wiki = minecraftclubhub.pbworks.com

Evidence-Based Practice Toolkit Revision Wiki = (currently accessible by team members only)




Current School Website = schools.tdsb.on.ca/agnesmacphail/ (not managed by me anymore)

GamingEdus = www.gamingedus.org 

Open Shelf = www.open-shelf.ca  (retired)

Association for Media Literacy = www.aml.ca 




Twitter = @MzMollyTL

YouTube =gntlinto

Instagram = @liragrim

Skype = dianamali


School Email = diana.maliszewski AT agnesmacphailps.ca (retired)

School District Email = diana.maliszewski AT tdsb.on.ca

OSLA Magazine Email = TingLeditor@gmail.com (retired)

OSLA Email = diana.maliszewski@oslacouncil.org (retired)

University of Alberta Email = dpm3 AT ualberta.ca (retired)

York University AQ Related Email = dimali AT yorku.ca

Queen's University AQ Related Email = dpm7 AT queensu.ca

Personal Email = diana p maliszewski AT gmail DOT com

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